Why SoilHawk?

SoilHawk™ is a robotic soil sampling machine that can take a perfect core sample every time.

If you are precision farming, everything starts with your soil sample. A bad sample can skew your whole spraying and planting protocol which can cost you a lot of extra money on fertilizer. Plus, it can easily reduce your crop yields and therefore reduce your income.

Soil testing labs and agronomists have told us that there are three important aspects of taking ideal soil samples:

  1. DEPTH
    1. Depth must be the same on all of the cores and repeatable year after year.
      1. SoilHawk’s depth sensor is right on the probe so it probes to the exact depth every time.
  2. CLEAN
    1. A little fertilizer, manure or even touching a soil sample with your finger can skew a soil test.
      1. SoilHawk automatically scrapes away any surface residue from the probe sight before the probe takes a core sample. It is designed to take clean samples every time.
      2. SoilHawk auto-ejects the core sample directly into the sample bag being sent to the lab for testing. No human hand touches the soil sample and no left-over soil is at risk of being transferred into the bag from previous samples.
    1. Samples from the same site need to be repeatable in cleanliness and depth, year after year. The SoilHawk robotic soil sampling machine removes any chance of human error and can exactly repeat the samples year after year.

Let’s say that you take 10 cores in a 2 ½ acre grid. (10 cores per bag) While in the comfort of your seat, sipping on your favorite beverage, you can use the remote to take up to 300 cores without getting out of your vehicle. Then you simply change the bags and do it again. It has lights so you can go all night if you’d like.

SoilHawk is simple to maintain. There are four areas that require some routine maintenance:
  1. Probe Tip
    1. Quick, easy replacement. Costs $40.
  2. Lubrication
    1. There is one grease fitting that occasionally needs a few cents worth of grease.
  3. Tires
    1. Need to keep air in the tires.
  4. Gasoline
    1. Need to keep gas in the tank.

Otherwise, it is like the Eveready Bunny, it can keep on going and going.

The bag holders are numbered and you can see them from the video monitor in your vehicle. When you move to your next grid or zone, the next bag automatically advances. You can easily check which bag you are on from the video monitor.

No need to run any wires or hydraulics from you vehicle either. SoilHawk is self-contained on its own trailer.

SoilHawk can take and sort 3 perfect core samples per minute, one every 20 seconds. It only takes about six seconds to scrape and probe a sample before you can start driving to the next site. Once the bright green “go” light comes on, you can drive for 14 of the 20 seconds while it is putting the cores in the bag for you.

Also, if you hit a rock while probing, SoilHawk is designed to automatically stop so it doesn’t get damaged.

SoilHawk delivers the most perfect, repeatable cores, year after year - of anything that you can buy.

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Our Team


Jim Case – Founder, CEO and inventor of SoilHawk

Jim is the founder and inventor of SoilHawk. He's been farming for over 44 years, he has a vast knowledge of farming and the technology that goes with it.

He created SoilHawk to help streamline the soil sampling process on his farm and based on the positive feedback and requests from other farmers,  he decided to make a business out of his idea. Jim has been featured in the press for many of his farming innovations.

Jason Case – Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Internationally known expert in marketing and building successful businesses. Jason is known for helping numerous business achieve exponential growth.

He has an in-depth understanding of technology and how to use it to power the growth of your business.

Ken Hasty – Co-Founder, Chief Sales Officer

Award-winning salesperson, author, and former Fortune 500 corporate sales & marketing executive. He has been ranked among LinkedIn’s “Top 10” ‘Management Consultant & Sales Coach” profiles.

Nathan Long – Certified Crop Advisor

Nathan has always had a passion for soil and soil life. He earned his degree from The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in 2009 and has since obtained his Certified Crop Advisor license.

Nathan is up-to-date with technologies and is always looking for ways to improve not only the bottom line, but also the shape our soils are currently.