Why SoilHawk?

SoilHawk™ helps farmers save on labor and avoid inaccurate soil tests by allowing one person to easily obtain accurate, pure soil samples from hundreds of acres per day.

SoilHawk was designed by Jim Case, a farmer who needed an automated sampling device. He researched the market and couldn’t find anything that met his basic criteria.

So he designed SoilHawk with these criteria in mind:

Save time and labor: SoilHawk is remotely operated by the driver so one person can easily sample hundreds of acres per day.

Consistently gather highly accurate soil samples: SoilHawk has a patent pending scraper that automatically removes surface organic material down to clean dirt as it probes the soil. This allows for the probe to remove a clean soil core without undue surface contamination that might skew the testing results.

Adjustable probing depth: SoilHawk probing depths are very simple to adjust and set.

Easily sample hundreds of acres per day: You can sample up to 3 probes per minute!

SoilHawk has 30 color-coded bag holders on a conveyer belt that allow one person to gather 30 sets of soil samples automatically with no need to exit the vehicle between samples.

Each bag holder holds a paper soil sample bag. To set up your next 30 - simply put the full bags into the storage cabinet and load 30 more empty bags into the bag holders. You can do this as many times as you’d like before finishing up for the day.

Keep zone or grid samples separated: The soil sample bags are placed into color-coded bins. These bins make it easy to keep the samples separated.

Easily transported: SoilHawk’s built-in trailer is made from rust-free aluminum and has floater tires. It can be towed by virtually anything that has a trailer hitch.

Additional Features: SoilHawk also features a built-in camera to see the probe site while probing and a sensor that causes the probe to abort if it hits something solid such as a rock.

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Our Team


Jim Case – Founder, CEO and inventor of SoilHawk

Jim is the founder and inventor of SoilHawk. He's been farming for over 44 years, he has a vast knowledge of farming and the technology that goes with it.

He created SoilHawk to help streamline the soil sampling process on his farm and based on the positive feedback and requests from other farmers,  he decided to make a business out of his idea. Jim has been featured in the press for many of his farming innovations.

Jason Case – Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Internationally known expert in marketing and building successful businesses. Jason is known for helping numerous business achieve exponential growth.

He has an in-depth understanding of technology and how to use it to power the growth of your business.

Ken Hasty – Co-Founder, Chief Sales Officer

Award-winning salesperson, author, and former Fortune 500 corporate sales & marketing executive. He has been ranked among LinkedIn’s “Top 10” ‘Management Consultant & Sales Coach” profiles.

Nathan Long – Certified Crop Advisor

Nathan has always had a passion for soil and soil life. He earned his degree from The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in 2009 and has since obtained his Certified Crop Advisor license.

Nathan is up-to-date with technologies and is always looking for ways to improve not only the bottom line, but also the shape our soils are currently.